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MPD server 24/7

♥ MPD Independent decentralized microblogging format of a twtxt.txt file Interesting links around free, programming Why OpenBSD rocks
You Might Not Need JavaScript Handy summaries.
xkcd: Password Strength How to set a good password.
Idiotbox: Youtube interface - Codemadness Own youtube interface
txti - Fast web pages for everybody Website creation for small bandwidths
0x0 clbin clone to upload files
north A very relaxing theme for applications or for a site.
why vi rocks
✉ Guerrilla Mail - Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address Temporary mail
Data science vs Fake
Encode in VP9 VP9 awesome encoder
Domain Age Tool - Check the Age of Your Domain Name Find the age of a domain
tinyjpg Online image optimization. There is even an API.
Create your own XKCD-style Graphs
UTF-8 Icons - Your no.1 source for UTF-8 character icons
Markdown Reference badip lists for pf
XKPasswd - Secure Memorable Passwords
Catch Clouds - Low-tech Lab handy to use and well documented key server
division by zero yum
Beamer Theme Matrix overview of all beamer themes minimalist online editors
https://m 2 anticipatory articles by Monsieur Truc on the USA / Trump and nuclear power in France road route calculation openstreetmap the nakedev website Starsheep is back! site of a good guy Lair of solene, a super hacker excellent tutorial for dwm pastebin encrypted so much fun reading this page test if your website is too heavy why @solene uses openbsd love the concept nice small css
That's it, my site is available via gemini: //
who needs ** markup ** with gemini? Write important stuff on a newline or CAPITALIZED convert gemtext to html: gemtext2html file.html
It's better to be ridiculous than incompetent: it makes less death, and it can even be fun. Hacking Challenges fun to hack pixel art temporary file sharing List of minimal websites Compress images how to escape from a maze. I love Vivianeée-vos-appliances unplug more than switch off, it's better emmanuel macron facts. Yeah! trace a radius of n km around your home Game using curl and cli, amazing! will slowly become forever RPGs on paper \ o / interesting thoughts about FLoC quickstart gemini Gemini accommodation openbsd live system Macron watch free stock photos does "X" game run on OpenBSD Very nice little irc client url lengthener Royalty free music looking like os 1 looking like os 2 looking like os 3 looking like os 4 looking like os + radio Understanding how a vaccine works before saying bullshit How to recognize a conspiracy theory nice font kaamelott soundboard rss bridge chatons Order and collect from the nearest bookstore rather than enriching fnac or amazon